RN9 – Rotunda (Four Tet Refix) (2013)


In what might be the greatest Soundcloud comment of all time or at least today, someone described this Four Tet refix of RN9’s “Rotunda” as like being at Mardi Gras in a submarine. This is underwater party music, voodoo bells and veiled street shouts and the feeling of being submerged. Four Tet has always sought to pair seemingly contradictory sounds, so there’s the street festival polyrhythm merging with thumping minimal techno. [Source]

Wooden Shjips – Crossing (Remix by Andrew Weatherall) (2012)

Remixes is a 28 minute 12”EP featuring exclusive cuts and remixes from Andrew Weatherall, Sonic Boom (Pete Kember of Spacemen 3) and Kandodo (Simon Price of The Heads). Availalble now for pre-order on limited crystal clear vinyl with black streaks.

pre-order: Wooden Shjips – Remixes 12″

Andrew Weatherall, long time producer and remixer who has worked with the likes of Primal Scream, New Order, My Bloody Valentine, and Bjork, remixed “Crossing”. Pete Kember, also known as Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3/Spectrum fame contributed “Wiking Stew (aka Red Krayola-ing)”. When Pete was called in to help master the record he was inspired by the album and made this mash up from West on his own. Last but not least is the track “Ursus Maritimus (Last Bear’s Lament)”, a long distance collaboration with kandodo (otherwise known as Simon Price from The Heads). Ripley created the bed of the track in Colorado in between tours and sent if off to Simon, in London. Simon added all the additional instrumentation at his home studio.

Released by: Thrill Jockey 
Release date: Feb 21, 2012