The Avalanches – Bad Day (2017)


The Avalanches have shared two separate versions of ‘Bad Day’, a previously unreleased track featuring rapper Freddie Gibbs. The band described one version as the “OG version” and the other as an “alt mix” that they consider a “rough Christmas jam”.

Gorillaz – 私 Noodle❗️ (2017 mixtape)


In search of new sounds and new inspiration, I found these kick-ass women who in their own individual ways are true pioneers in the writing, production and creation of MUSIC. They have inspired me, and I hope they inspire you too.

Ake Ome!! あけおめ!!

Narrated by Delia Derbyshire and Evelyn Glennie
Mystere De Voix Bulgares (Bulgarian Women’s Choir) – Kaval Sviri
@annameredith – Nautilus
@thislully – Slow D’s
@actuallygrimes – Realiti
@kaliuchis – Ridin Around
@fatima-al-qadiri – Szechuan
@empressof – Woman is a Word
@hiatus-kaiyote – Molasses
@laurieandersonofficial – O Superman
@darkwaveduchess – Vegas
Mica Levi & Oliver Coates – Barok Main
Delia Derbyshire – Doctor Who

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