Mella Dee feat. Bernard Sumner – Riptide

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The lead track ‘Riptide’, features original vocals from synth-pop trailblazer and founder of New Order/Joy Division Bernard Sumner. A slice of euphoria streaked with melancholy.

‘Big Eff Off Groove’ was the first track of the EP to be released as a single, following on its massive Summer of 2022 where it garnered support across some of the biggest festival stages in the UK. Mella Dee speaking on the record describes it as “Exactly what it says, heavy hitting no frills groove, complete with full on dubbed out effects. Enjoy.”!

Followed up with two cuts of rolling house music on track ‘Find Love Yourself’, the ‘Deeper Love Mix’ explores Mella Dee’s affinity for the murkier corners of dance music, whilst the original mix is a deep-in-the-dance groover paired with a haunting Little Dragon vocal sample. [Bandcamp]

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