George Michael – Monkey (Remix by Isaac Junkie) (2015)


Remix and Additional Production by Isaac Junkie

Under the influence is two things at once, on one hand, it is a compilation of some of the many issues that Isaac Junkie has heard all his life and on the other hand, is a revision to those working them subjects in their own style. It is a way of paying tribute to the musicians who have influenced him in one of several ways that have left their mark and helped define what is now his musical style.

From The Human League, The Cure, Erasure, Gary Numan… Isaac Junkie select and remix 22 songs, while not covering all the artists he wanted, they do form a small sample of what has been for music it all this time. Giving special to your favorite band quintessential place: Erasure. Andy Bell has been one of his favorite singers of all time and pays tribute to remixes of songs from different eras as “When a lover leaves you”, “Sacred” or the classic “A Little Respect”.

Two Door Cinema Club – Ordinary (Sam Halliday Remix) (2016)


A new album from Two Door Cinema club is always something to get excited about. But what’s equally exciting are the remixes that come along with it. In the past, Two Door’s songs have been reworked by artists including RAC, The Twelves, Alex Metric, Monsieur Adi and AMTRAC. This time the band’s own guitarist, Sam Halliday, took a stab at it and definitely knocked this remix out of the park.

S’Express – Lollypop (Chris & Cosey Remix) (2016)


For over thirty years now Chris Cater and Cosey Fanni Tutti have been at the forefront of cutting edge electronic music. From their days in legendary agit-noise sensation Throbbing Gristle—a group famously described “wreckers of civilization” and responsible for genuinely terrifying records like “Hamburger Lady” and “Slug Bait”—through to their mid-80s heyday as Chris & Cosey which saw the pair create a singularly pulsating, romantic, experimental synthpop sound, up to their current work with Nik Colk Void of Factory Floor as Carter Tutti Void, the duo are synonymous with forward thinking. They’ve decided to hook up with Mark Moore, the man behind S’Express, and the result—a churning, creepy, clanking remix of Moore’s “Lollypop”—is nothing short of stunning. Their mix is a suitably salacious slice of rude and raucous perv-house, seemingly custom built for nights down at the Kit Kat club. You can smell the leather and bodily fluids from here. /via Thump.