Dorian Concept – Ann River, mn (Bibio Remix) (2015)


Dorian Concept’s Joined Ends, released in 2014, was a stunningly original electronic album. Made by a young man with virtuosic musical ability and amazing vision, it married true musicianship and writing to a thrilling electronic palette. Now, Ninja Tune is proud to present a set of remixes of songs from Joined Ends, from a collection of musicians who can – like Dorian – count themselves in the electronic vanguard. Reflecting Dorian’s own work, the mixes cover both the experimental (Tim Hecker, Bibio) and the dancefloor (Nathan Fake, Kuedo, Redinho).

Kuedo is the latest incarnation of Jamie Vex’d, who has progressed from his early dubstep work and begun experimenting with footwork, juke and drum n’ bass-style rhythms. His striking take on “Ann River, Mn,” the last single from Dorian’s album, revolves around a chiming melody and the churning, industrial rhythms come off like Bladerunner reworked by Evian Christ.

Bibio is the folk-meets-electronica project of self-taught producer/multi-instrumentalist Stephen Wilkinson, from England’s Black Country (AKA the West Midlands.) He also chose “Ann River, Mn” for his remix. Coming off like a perfectly off-kilter, electronic version of seminal 60s band Love, its nagging, oddly familiar melody is hypnotic – a truly radical vision of the song.

Nathan Fake has kept fans of his fuzzy-edged synths and pounding acidic techno beats guessing ever since his debut release at the tender age of 19. Here, he lightens the mood with a deranged, delirious boogie version of “Draft Culture,” the first single from Joined Ends. Redhino also takes things toward the club and gives “Clap Track 4” a samba-tinged dancefloor rework, the song’s euphoric rise transplanted alongside an irresistible swing and monstrous bass.

Turzi – Condor (Timothy Remix) (2015)


Aujourd’hui, c’est Timothy, nouveau blase de Baseden du groupe Jupiter, qui nous envoie sa version : au programme un groove incroyable porté par un pattern de batterie qui nous rappelle la finesse de Tony Allen, le mythique batteur de Fela Kuti et un fondement mélodique tout en guitares célestes. Une des pièces maîtresses de ce jeu de relectures que nous vous proposons aujourd’hui en téléchargement gratuit.

The Glitch Mob – Can’t Kill Us (Plaid Remix) (2015)


Warp veterans Plaid are, arguably, experiencing a second creative renaissance right now; last year’s Reachy Prints hit some serious melodic highs for the IDM mainstays, and now they’ve delivered this rippling remix of The Glitch Mob’s “Can’t Kill Us.” This remix is taken from a forthcoming all-remix LP of last year’s Love Death Immortality, which will see release on February 24 via the band’s Glass Air imprint. [Source]

Skream – Still Lemonade (Redshape Remix) (2015)


Earlier this year, Skream took the next logical step in his post-dubstep career, announcing a single and album for Damian Lazarus’ house and techno-focused imprint. “‘Still Lemonade’ was the first track I finished in a long time that felt completely happy with and ready to play out,” said Jones at the time. “I didn’t tell anyone it was by me when I first started playing it and the reaction was explosive. [It’s] a perfect example of the direction I’m taking with my productions.” The single is due out on February 23, backed with a remix by Berlin-based talent Redshape. [Source]

Fink – Pilgrim (Brandt Brauer Frick Remix) (2015)


When not touring his latest album on R’COUP’D, Fink has recently made Berlin a place to rest his head. The influence of his newfound home is crystalline clear considering the artists selected to rework “Pilgrim” – one of the highlights of Hard Believer. Both Paula Temple and Brandt Brauer Frick submit reworks, but it’s BBF that come out trumps in this instance. This one is set to drop 23rd February.