Zara McFarlane – Fussin’ and Fightin’ (2017)

Out on Brownswood Recordings 29th of September 2017
Pre-order here:…


Lead Vocals Zara McFarlane
Backing Vocals Zara McFarlane
Drums Moses Boyd
Double Bass/Electric Bass Max Luthert
Double Bass Neil Charles
Grand Piano /Clavinet / Rhodes/ Organ / Melodica Peter Edwards
Electric Guitar Shirley Tetteh
Acoustic Guitar Shane Beales
Tenor Sax Binker Golding
Trombone Nathaniel Cross
Violin & Viola: Ruth Elder
Cello Carola Krebs
Percussion Pete Eckford
Djembe Moses Boyd
Clarinet / Bass Clarinet Shabaka Hutchings
Claps Peter Edwards, Moses Boyd, Shirley Tetteh, David Wehinm, Max Luthert, Zara McFarlane
Voices: Pete Edwards, Moses Boyd, Shirley Tetteh, David Wehinm, Max Luthert, Zara McFarlane

Horns arranged by Zara McFarlane and Nathaniel Cross
Strings arranged by Peter Edwards

Recorded at Soup Studios
Engineers: Giles Barrett, Simon Trought, Sam Beer
Mixed by David Wehinm
Mastered by Stuart at Metropolis Studios

How To Dress Well – Anxious (James Ferraro’s Black Midi Remix) (2017)

I wanted to introduce the Care remixes with James Ferraro’s take on “Anxious.” When I started planning my forthcoming installation “WE ARE ALL VERY ANXIOUS” in Los Angeles, it was really important to me to talk with James about the song, not only because his albums Far Side Virtual and Human Story Three actually inspired the track (as did Todd Haynes’ film Safe, and Alexandra Kleeman’s novel You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine), but I knew he would understand the urgency and aesthetic berserkness that limits the pure bubbly pop of the song. I think James’ remix is really brilliant.

Each of the other remixes, which you’ll be able to hear in due time, give a clue as to where my music is headed right now, as I work on my fifth record. It will be a much more metaphysical record, more ontological than ontic, and it’s oriented towards experimental electronic and dance music and much more connected to the ambient core of the How To Dress Well project.

I’m really happy to share this remix friend pack with you all and really looking forward to showing you some new music soon!