Lusine – Chatter (Dauwd Remix) (2017)

In spring of 2017, Texas-raised/Seattle-based producer Jeff McIlwain aka Lusine released Sensorimotor, his fourth full-length with Ghostly International. A pulsing, visceral listen comprised of widescreen synths, processed vocals, and organic instrumentation, the album explores the intersection between the brain’s perceptions and the body’s actions. Sensorimotor Remixes presents two distinctly new and contrasting modes to consider. “Chatter,” discreet in its original form, receives a resplendent house edit from esteemed UK producer Dauwd. “Tropopause,” already atmospheric by nature and namesake, is diffused to an overcast drone by Loscil, a trademark treatment from the Vancouver-based ambient-dub veteran.

Matthew Dear – Bad Ones (2017)

Matthew Dear’s second single of the summer is a collaboration with longtime friends Tegan and Sara. For years his work has suggested a populist impulse buried within, and here, in the presence of pop prestige, Dear’s sweetest side shines through.

Buoyant and blithe, “Bad Ones” presents flirtation as mischief, and honesty as power. Lyrics convey the paralysis of insecurity and, as Sara puts it, “the relief in finding someone who loves the more complicated parts of you.”
The creative relationship between the Quin sisters and Dear began in 2013, when they expressed mutual admiration by email. This led to connecting for a remix project as well as a joint cover of Tears For Fears’ 1983 new wave classic “Pale Shelter.” Recently, when settling into new recordings, Dear happened upon a loop that brought the duo to mind. Within a day Tegan and Sara sent back a verse and chorus.

“The process was open and free,” adds Dear, who for the next month evolved the song from demo to fully-fledged composition. “Often times, we need to get out of our own way to let the magic happen, and this song is a bold reminder of that.”

Ride – Lateral Alice (Cavern of Anti-Matter remix) (2017)

To celebrate the announcement of the band’s 2018 return to Japan, we give you the Cavern of Anti-Matter remix of new live favourite, “Lateral Alice”.

The original version of “Lateral Alice” can be found on the latest Ride album, Weather Diaries. Stream or buy digitally here:
Or buy CD or LP here:

Cavern of Anti-Matter is the latest project of Tim Gane (Stereolab etc) and Joe Dilworth (Stereolab, Th’Faith Healers etc.) Here they strip “Lateral Alice” down to its vocals and then rebuild it as an organ-led, kraut-y, prog-y, psychedelic gem, as is their inimitable style.

Sade – The Remix Deluxe (Japan Only) [CDS] (1992)


1. (00:05:10) Sade – Feel No Pain (Nellee Hooper Remix)
2. (00:04:26) Sade – Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Mad Professor Remix)
3. (00:04:59) Sade – Make Some Room
4. (00:05:43) Sade – Paradise (Ronin Remix)
5. (00:06:52) Sade – Super Bien Total

[Dedicated to Bongorama Brothers Niels Boe Sørensen and Peter Sørensen]