Moodoïd- Heavy Metal Be Bop 2 (Turzi Electronic Experience – Be Metal And Heavy Pop) (2015)

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Okay, so we know what you’re thinking: “Heavy Metal Be Bop 2” sounds a bit like a spin-off from that damned Kidz Bop series. Rest assured it’s not—but rather an exercise in some seriously delicious disco/dance groves. (Hey, it’s from Moodoïd a French rock whose founder Pablo Padovani has marked time with both Melody’s Echo Chamber and Tame Impala—he wouldn’t steer you wrong.) Turzi’s remix of “Heavy Metal Be Bop 2” is a bit more dubby, and certainly weirder than the original. But it’s got some serious bite. Listen below. If you want to keep the vibe going, take note—the Heavy Metal Be Bop 2 Remix EP is out tomorrow.

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