Koudlam – See You All (Acid Washed Remix) (2011)


If you want some pure electronic burbling the Acid Washed is always a sure bet. Check their new reMix of Koudlam ‘I See you All’, it layers arpeggio upon arpeggio whist always retaining that, almost quirky, sense of music humour you often get with Acid Washed tracks. Fun and a little left-field but at the same time a storming dancefloor tune. It sitsalongside reMixes from Yuksek, Mickey Moonlight and Arnaud Rebotini on the single. [Source]

Oceaán – Candour (Ellie Herring Remix) (2015)


We’ve been riding Oceaán’s musical wave since he made a positively banging mix for us back in November. Never faltering, the Manchester-based producer has since dropped The Grip EP via @ChessClubRecords featuring complete earworm, Grip. We honestly didn’t see how he could top it, but in what would prove to be a brilliant move he handed another EP track, Candour, over to US producer Ellie Herring for her to work her magic on it. Keeping things just as chilled, she weaves warm and beautiful synths with a snappy snare, adding the ideal dose of bass. Ryan Hemsworth was right to champion Ellie through his Secret Songs label. We’ll certainly be listening to this number for a long time to come.

Ozy – Black To The Future (Laurel Halo Remix) (2015)


Distant Present sees Ozy continue his exploration of Berlin-inspired dub sounds, experimental techno and icy minimalism across 12 tracks, three of which are remixes of older productions. As well as contributions from Japanese producer College Drop and Modern Love’s Miles Whittaker, Laurel Halo has reworked Ozy’s 2002 track ‘Black To The Future’. [Source]

Turzi – Condor (Bumblee Remix) (2015)

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Avis aux amateurs de bollito misto, des romans-monde de Carlo Emilio Gadda et de baroque Lucio Fulcien, le troisième album de Turzi est un gros, très gros morceau. Construit en 9 épisodes épais eux-mêmes découpés en tronçons denses et lumineux comme des rêves felliniens, C est même le plus gros édifice bâti par Romain Turzi et son gang de geeks depuis qu’ils ont déboulé sur la scène parisienne au début des années 2000. [Source]