Blonde Redhead – Much More To Lady M (remix by Chris Bear of Grizzly Bear) (2015)


“After many years of being a fan and eventually becoming close friends with the band, it was a true honor for me to work on this remix. I loved the melody and percussive world that was happening and I thought that stripping it down to create an icy landscape would be an interesting direction.” -Chris Bear

“Chris Bear has the special touch with all that he does. His sensitivity and musicality is what we were looking and hoping for on this remix. And he has a very big heart! -Simone Pace

LFO – We Are Back (Darkstar Remix) (2015)


Last year at Warp’s 25th Anniversary show we were lucky enough to play the set before LFO’s Mark Bell and spent some time with him after his show. We actually played an earlier version of this remix that night and have since finished it off as the version now on the mixtape. His set that night was amazing and to be there on the birthday and see LFO in all it’s glory was perfect. RIP Mark Bell. – Darkstar

Mew – Water Slides (Graham Massey from 808 State Remix) (2015)


A couple of songs from the record have surfaced so far, but Water Slides is the lead single leading up to the record’s release – and, as that release date approaches, the band have shared a new remix of the song by 808 State’s Graham Massey. Massey has put his name to a lot of remixes over his 20+ year career with 808 State, but the past couple of years have seen him tone down on the remix output. Maybe he’s only taking on jobs when he can do something wild, as in the case of this rework of Water Slides, which hollows out most traces of the original song, turning it into a spectral yet funky machine dub. [Source]

Big Dope P – Hit Da Blokk (Rustie Remix) (2015)


Glasgow based producer Rustie is a tastemaker and a forward-thinker in the bass world and whenever he puts his name on something, you never have to question the level of quality. French producer Big Dope P has recruited Rustie’s talents to his new EP with a remix of his track “Hit Da Blokk,” and does not disappoint. With this new take on the track, we hear his slashing synths he’s become known for, relentless percussion filling out the background, a new melody and tasteful builds and drops. Stream the full song below and you can now pick up the EP on iTunes.

Turzi – Colombe (Polo & Pan Remix) (2015)


Amorphous Can style grooves abound, alongside some distinctly Italo synth work. New album ‘C’ is forthcoming, with Clash able to premiere a very special remix of lead track ‘Colombe’. Polo & Pan re-cast ‘Colombe’ as a slow burning piece of bubbling disco, with icy atmospherics and the feel of the French riviera on a cool late summer’s eve in 1981. [Source]