Moodoïd- Heavy Metal Be Bop 2 (Turzi Electronic Experience – Be Metal And Heavy Pop) (2015)

Okay, so we know what you’re thinking: “Heavy Metal Be Bop 2” sounds a bit like a spin-off from that damned Kidz Bop series. Rest assured it’s not—but rather an exercise in some seriously delicious disco/dance groves. (Hey, it’s from Moodoïd a French rock whose founder Pablo Padovani has marked time with both Melody’s Echo Chamber and Tame Impala—he wouldn’t steer you wrong.) Turzi’s remix of “Heavy Metal Be Bop 2” is a bit more dubby, and certainly weirder than the original. But it’s got some serious bite. Listen below. If you want to keep the vibe going, take note—the Heavy Metal Be Bop 2 Remix EP is out tomorrow.

Pale Blue – The Math (Mathématiques Modernes Homage) (2015)


Former Italians Do It Better associate Mike Simonetti announced his split from the imprint last year, and he’s working on his debut album as Pale Blue for his new label 2MR (co-founded with Captured Tracks honcho Mike Sniper). Today, he’s shared a new single from the release. “The Math” is a cut-and-paste house anthem that collages various samples and disco breaks. Though it’s immensely dense, the song isn’t outweighed by its ambition. Instead, it’s an easy-going listen that warrants numerous listens. [Source]

Lana Del Rey – Brooklyn Baby (The Juan MacLean Remix) (2015)


Elizabeth Walker writes:

“So I really hate Lana Del Rey. Like with a burning passion. But Juan MacLean released a remix earlier this year that turns even the biggest LDR hater into a fan — his version of “Brooklyn Baby.” The Juan MacLean must be on some sort musical high right now, as this remix comes off his awesome LP, In A Dream, from late 2014. His version of “Brooklyn Baby” does his library proud with its captivating house beat. Drawing upon solid synths and percussion, TJM leans into Lana’s vocals here and there, their breathy mystery marrying well with his version of the original.” [Source]

Mark Lanegan – Death Trip To Tulsa (Mark Stewart’s Exopolitix Demix) (2015)

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Following career-best reviews and a Top 20 chart entry for Phantom Radio last month, Mark Lanegan Band return with A Thousand Miles Of Midnight, an album of remixes of tracks from both ‘Phantom Radio’ and ‘No Bells On Sunday’, the EP that accompanied it. The album is made up of a brilliant array of remixes by artists as diverse as UNKLE, Moby, Greg Dulli and Soulsavers.

Mark Lanegan says of the album: “I thought these tunes would lend themselves to remixing and that it would be interesting to hear what other artists might make of them. All the people who did remixes are musicians whose work I greatly admire.”

Laibach – Koran (Alex Smoke Remix) (2015)


The Alex Smoke remix of ‘Koran’ is taken from Laibach’s forthcoming SPECTRE DIGITAL DELUXE ALBUM, out on 30 March 2015 / 31 March in North America. It will feature the original album plus bonus tracks & SPECTREMIX, an album of remixes (also available separately on the same date). Pre-Order SPECTREMIX here:

As well as Alex Smoke, SPECTREMIX will feature mixes from labelmates Diamond Version (aka Olaf Bender and Carsten Nicolai), Sandwell District’s Function, longtime collaborator iTurk, Slovenian electro-pop band Torul, Scottish DJ and producer Alex Smoke, German DJ, producer, mastering engineer and co-founder of the Common Sense People event series, Konstantin Sibold and Slovenian producer, DJ and musician Gramatik, & Marcel Dettmann.